FanDuel Review

FanDuel is one of the leaders in the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) industry. FanDuel’s popularity and mammoth growth since unveiling itself in 2009 has them projected to pay out $2 Billion in 2015, a DFS industry high.

FanDuel offers sports contests for the National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB), National Basketball League (NBA), National Hockey League (NHL), College Football (CFB), and College Basketball (CBB).

FanDuel offers various types of contest formats with contest entry fees starting $1. The concept for playing is very simple. After you have registered a FanDuel account, select your desired sport you would like to play, then a contest start time. Depending on the sport, contests start times may be daily or weekly. You may create your own public or private contests as well.

Regardless of the sport, they all have the same salary cap rules. FanDuel’s salary cap amount is $60,000. You must fill all positions in your lineup without going over the $60,000 cap amount. Once your lineup is complete for your chosen contest, you may enter in for whatever entry fee you selected.

Once a lineup has been entered into a contest, it is saved. If you have other contests having the same sport and contest start time, you may use your existing lineup by importing it into your new contest, or you can create a different lineup from scratch.

Once your contest(s) start, you can view your scores live as the contests are updated in real-time.

FanDuel Contest Types:

FanDuel offers the following contest types:


Tournaments are the most popular contest type since they have Guaranteed Prize Pools (GPP), pay out the most money, and have the largest entry sizes. GPPs are guaranteed to pay out their predefined amounts with according to the contests pay out structure, whether or not these contests completely fill. FanDuel often offers GPPs that pay outs in the $ Millions for a single contest.


Leagues are similar to tournaments, except this contest type do not have guaranteed prize pools, meaning the contest entry size must be filled before the contest start time. Since FanDuel is so large, offering hundreds of league contests daily, this is not an issue. Leagues may vary greatly in entry fee amounts, contest entry sizes, and pay out structures.

Head to Head (H2H)

This contest type matches you against one other competitor. The highest score wins all which is double the entry fee (less the rake amount).

50/50s and Multipliers

50/50s are similar to H2Hs but with varying contest entry sizes. If your scores finish in the top half of all entrants, you win double your entry fee (less the rake).

Multipliers have various pay out structures. These contest are similar to 50/50s but pay out in multiples of 3X or higher, i.e. 4X, 10X, etc.

FanDuel Mobile Site

The mobile site features the functionality that the full website offers. FanDuel’s lobby page is the main page starting point. From here, you can access any feature you may require, whether it’s withdrawing money, making a deposit, viewing/entering contests, or keeping track of your existing contests.

The mobile site provides sorting options (i.e. contest start-times and cash prize pool amounts) and filtering options for contest types for time-saving convenience.

FanDuel’s website does not have any of those annoying advertisements. The site design is simple and clean and works relatively fast, but the app version is faster and the recommended option.

FanDuel Mobile App

The FanDuel mobile app is free to download once you have registered a FanDuel account. For iOS devices, the free app can be downloaded from the Apple store. For Android devices, the app can be downloaded directly from the site.

The FanDuel app is similar to the website in design, but the feature options are more varied, thus making the app version much more functional. The app is much quicker than its website counter-part and is the recommended option for mobile use.

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